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    We offer high quality drinking water filters and industrial water purifiers

  • Nayagara RO Water

    Universal water solution water purification system utilizes advanced technology

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We are experts in this industry with over 10 years experience. What that means is you are going to get right
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UV water purification system

Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light. UV can be separated into various ranges, with short range UV (UVC) considered “germicidal UV”.


What IS RO?

Reverse Osmosis works by forcing water against a semi-permeable membrane. The excess invisible chemicals and dissolved solids present in the water are prevented from passing through this membrane,


Water Softner

Water zone softener is based on lon exchange process. The strong acid action resins eliminate dissolved iron like calcium and magnesium from water producing high quality soft water.


About Nayagara RO Water

Nayagara RO Water is a recognised dealer of storage RO water purifier products for all kind of requirements. We are one of the leading suppliers of reliable and cost effective water purifier products

Service Maintenance

Our products are installed with warranties and maintenance service is also included. We respond customer's queries immediately and have brought smile of 10,000+ customers so far.

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